Bill Evans, Waltz for Debby

I’m out of words today. Trump is too much with us, he makes our brains febrile. In Iowa he said, “You can’t sit home. If you’re sick as a dog . . . even if you vote and then pass away, it’s worth it.” Music may be the best way to tune this crap out.

Waltz for Debby is one of the great jazz albums. Put this music on and bathe in it.

7 Replies to “Bill Evans, Waltz for Debby”

  1. Bob Seger had one of the all-time great pop song quotes: “Wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then.”
    Don’t you sometimes wish that, JG?

  2. It’s longing for youthful innocence.
    Dylan also put it well, as compassion ” for the child than cries when her innocence dies.”

  3. Listening to it now as I scribble away. Love the restraint. That great idea of music inside the spaces hits home here. And Trump? Meh. I think it’s unlikely he’ll get in again, but if he does? We got through the unbelievable re-election of Nixon all those years ago. We’ll muddle through.

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