Grand Delusions about Ukraine and U.S. Power

The mess in Ukraine is part of a broader picture of how U.S. policy has failed for many years to impose a liberal order on the world. Here John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago speaks compellingly about our delusions of power and influence—and how they have led us to the edge of conflict with Russia.

Mearsheimer’s arguments put into perspective what many of us have felt. I urge you to hear him out. You’ll learn what “liberal hegemony” means.


One Reply to “Grand Delusions about Ukraine and U.S. Power”

  1. Mearsheimer’s excellent analysis is convincing. Thanks JG. This mess is largely of our making. In pursuing liberal hegemony, we didn’t learn from Vietnam nor from any of our subsequent misguided incursions. And, Biden’s current posturing and possible military provocations won’t help. I fear that we are f***** every which way on this.

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