A Plague on Both Their Houses

For Joe Biden, the sad sack who is turning into a liability for the Democrats, polls show that 64% of Democrats want him to step aside in 2024. With young voters, the figure is 93%. Top concerns are his age and job performance. If it’s Trump versus Biden again in 2024, I predict hordes of people will be moving to Mexico.

A recent NYTimes poll found that 10% would vote for neither one. I don’t think Trump could win if the Repubs are foolish enough to nominate him. (They have even asked Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to speak at the CPAC conference in August.) DeSantis in many ways will be worse.

Recent Supreme Court decisions on Roe and guns have riled up a lot of people. But the Dems show few signs of real outrage or responding to these issues in a way that relates to voters’ real agendas. As many have said many times, they don’t know how to fight. The White House issues its predictable talking points and shows, once again, that it doesn’t know how to engage persuasively with voters of different stripes. There’s no urgency or fire. And there’s no third-party candidate worth talking about.

The Democrats are like those in-laws that Carolyn Hax wrote about today in the Washington Post: they keep on bringing meat meals, one after the other, to a new mom who happens to be vegetarian. Fundamentally, that is harassment. For the White House, it’s plain pigheadedness and political ineptitude.

After the Highland Park shooting, Biden made a tepid, ill-timed patriotic speech with barely a mention of the disaster that had just unfolded. For me, that was almost unforgiveable.

For you, my readers, there’s no need to repeat the litany of worse-and-worse Republican treachery and folly. What we need now is people who know how to fight a most critical political battle.

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  1. In your opinion, who are the people who know how to fight? What would this “fight” look like? As you see it, would forms would it take?

    1. Here’s one idea from today’s NYTimes: “Democratic leadership should declare a day dedicated to abortion rights, on which rallies can be held throughout the country. The messaging should be broad and inclusive, and serve as a way for the party to communicate its plans not just for the immediate future but also for upcoming elections. Democratic elected officials would announce this day together and deliver speeches to their constituencies in a show that could hopefully close up some of the internal divides within the party. If Democratic politicians want their base to show up to vote in the midterms and in 2024, they need to provide a clear vision of what they will do, identify the battlegrounds and communicate with their constituents that they are on their side.”

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