Down the Rabbit Hole in Gaza

I guess I’m one of those Jews who doesn’t support Israel in its mad recriminative effort to uproot Hamas at all costs. Yet the terrorists may have provoked their own eventual demise. So thinks Netanyahu and his government. Or maybe, as others have said, they are just creating more terrorists.

These butchers brutally murdered some 1,200 Israelis on October 7, and one month later over 10,000 Palestinians in Gaza had been killed. One does not expect proportionality in warfare but Israel’s violent response has cost it dearly with a preponderance of people around the world. The conflict has pushed many down the rabbit hole of partisan madness.

I grew up in a 1950s environment of strong anti-Zionist feeling, when the establishment of the new nation and its purpose were hotly debated. I could never understand why some Jews were so against establishing a homeland, given the horrors of the war just ended.

In the many years since, the messy history of Israel’s relations with Palestine has rendered Israel dominant at every turn, and there have been countless rabbit holes in that adventure. The Guardian just published a strong piece on how the West (mainly the G7 countries—Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, the European Union, and the United States) “represents a long history of racial and imperial arrogance.”

When the Israeli defence minister declared on 9 October a “complete siege” in which “no electricity, no food, no water, no fuel” would be allowed into blockaded Gaza, and called its 2.3 million inhabitants “human animals”, there was not a single protest from an official in a western capital.

Leftists everywhere are now protesting en masse, and so is much of the rest of the world, some calling Israel an apartheid state. To them, President Biden, staunch defender of Israel, has fallen down his own rabbit hole.

I think we’re all victims of very partial media reportage about this war. Just contrast what you see on CNN and Al Jazeera. I watch a lot of CNN but often mute or turn off much of its constant, repetitious coverage of Gaza and the endless interviews with survivors and the hostage families. Some would say these people are being exploited. Others just love the CNN coverage. Al Jazeera is less biased but still avoids any such interviews, and the Israeli stance is hardly mentioned. Arab media is for the Arabs.

A former CNN’er, Arwa Damon says:

Space needs to be made for Jewish and Israeli voices on such [Arab-funded] outlets. Not all Israelis support their government’s policies, the illegal settlements, or the oppression or occupation of Palestine. And not all Jews across the world support Zionism or what Israel has done.

The pictures and the accounts of the war on most American media are repetitive and sometimes just played for their histrionics. Such images are appalling but that approach seems to work, as most Americans are sympathetic, believing the Israeli response to Hamas is in some degree justified. While a large, growing contingent—and not just those on the left—judges quite differently. The world faces another huge moral challenge.

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  1. Very well stated, John. I am in total agreement with you (stop rolling your eyes, I know we don’t always see eye to eye but…). The news reports on all sides seem to be down the rabbit hole for offering their opinions with a lot of prejudice for the side they most honor. The difference between the WP and Times is clear on that. The TV news outlets are as you say. I do not watch CNN but do catch PBS, which is getting progressively repetitive on the subject in a non constructive way. I believe that yes, of course Al Jazeera is slanted for the Palestinians but I do not hear or watch any Israeli news. The Day from Germany is my main source of tv news and it is my opinion that they are the least biased of all outlets. Good reporters, good question. Think the official outlet is DT News. Give it a try. As an aside, let me say how disappointed in Biden and his very strong support of Israel along with Winken,, Blinken and Nod’s very strong “I am a Jew and I stand with you” support as well as Austin’s strong ties to Rayethon and the war machine. I think Mother Nature’s Rabbit Hole is catching up with us.

  2. Forgive me if this is harsh, but here goes. As background, I should say that I have relatives on my father’s side who were among the founders of the state of Israel, plus uncles and aunts who worked in various Labor governments and in the diplomatic corps. I have Israeli first cousins whom I love dearly and try to visit wherever possible.

    If you know the legal definition of apartheid (below) Israel is an apartheid state, plain and simple. Hamas knew just what it was doing in its barbaric slaughter of innocent Israelis on October 7th. It knew that its attack would provoke a horrendous overreaction by the abominable Netanyahu administration. Finally, it knew that the
    overreaction would conclusively turn Western world opinion against Israel. I dare say Hamas got what it wanted.

    The accepted “principle” that one should take sides here is equally barbaric, as if we should root for innocents on either side to die. Myself, I’m for life period.

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