The Blog Passes On

Dear Readers:

It’s time for me to give this blog a rest, at least for some time. I’m frankly burned out since this venture has been going on for over four years. I’ll be working on a larger book project, likely not for publication, but I’ll keep in touch. The blog will remain up in case I find some brilliant thoughts to share with you. But I need to embark on a new voyage, and my health has been a factor.

Many thanks for all your great comments and support!


9 Replies to “The Blog Passes On”

  1. So sad, John. Loved your blog. Come to Charlottesville to see us if you can. We’ll get with Jane and have a 🎉party.

  2. John, thanks for all the thoughts, insights, provocations and laughs. Hope you’ll be sharing whatever’s next. Gracias, amigo.
    Charlie P.

  3. What I liked most was how I never knew what would emerge from your well seasoned brain each week. Change is good amigo, and also inevitable. Thanks for it all.

  4. John,
    It’s been a true joy discovering and reading what you write. Thank you for sharing it all with us, and I hope to read more in the future should the opportunity to present itself.
    As the pachucos say: al rato, vato!
    Your friend in Chicago,
    Mike M

  5. You crossed my mind just now (with a little worry attached to the event), and I searched for your blog. Imagine my surprise to find you have suspended your blog as of just now! My sixth sense is rarely wrong. I will miss your musings a great deal, John. I hope your health issues prove to be resolvable and transitory.

  6. John, please consider at some time later posting something about the book project? I think I’m not the only one who will be interested in your thoughts about it.

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